Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Who were the Spartans?

Spartans were people that was honest and brave.
They lived in a town,Ancient Greece they all had the love of freedom.

Boys at the age of 7 were taken away and had been trained only for war,they didnt know how to do anything else. They grew their hair long,they had no luxury. They had gown up to be a policemen then solders

Spartans fought all the time about themselves or other places.
All the work was done by the slaves,men and woman that been captured by the Spartans.
Those people were called Helots. The Spartans were always fighting and didn't have time to do any of other work.

The woman of Sparta was tough when their sons had gone to war.After they celebrated and had a feast for the death of the son that died,but only if he won the war.They went as far as killing the son that had come back to Sparta and had been defeated and had lost the war.They were very cruel,but they did not care to die.

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